Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Opening Weekend & Reviews

The Bullet Round opened on Friday. I can't believe that's over. Steven and I have only been talking about this play for two years! This must be what planning a wedding is like. All this prep and then it comes down to the BIG day: Opening.

I picked Steven up from the airport Thursday night after the final preview and notes. There was an accident on the lower level so they were rerouting traffic, so that paired with the fact that we forgot to exchange phone numbers made it a bit tricky. But I found him! Yea!

Opening day was awesome because even before we opened we received two lovely previews from Marty Hughley of The Oregonian and Ben Waterhouse of The Willamette Week, which made me feel like the prettiest girl at the dance. I must thank Trisha Mead for her PR expertise. This woman is amazing. A-MAZ-ING. Well, that and the fact that opening night was sold out and full of nice VIPs including, Pier Carlo Talenti all the way from the Mark Taper in LA. He was Mr. Mead Hunter's guest of course.

Sitting through the 90 minute show was hard. For the first time all week I wasn't able to stop the show if something went wrong, and unfortunately there were a few things that I wish I could have fixed. Not being in control is hard sometimes.

The reception went off beautifully. Food donated by The Blue Monk and wine from Castillo de Molina. Everyone was so lovely and it was a huge relief to have the show open and out of my hands.

The next day Steven and I went to dinner and discussed the show, our favorite parts, other theater related topics and of course our dogs.

And then the reviews came. Mead was the first on his blog. The Oregonian review came out Monday. And the Willamette Week review came out on Wednesday. I am pretty pleased with both. I am so surprised and happy that this came together so beautifully (but of course not without my technical director, stage manager and myself suffering from some serious sleep deprivation). Thank you everyone for all your help.

Please spread the word and direct people to for tickets or call 503-781-2156.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our sweet poster

Need I say more? Designed by the lovely and talented Patrick Weishampel.