Sunday, February 17, 2008


Below are some addictions that I refuse to give up for Lent. Sadly I had to be reminded that Lent was even happening.

I am in love with Guitar Hero. Yes Yes it's true. Even my boyfriend has a hard time pulling me away. I get so into it I can't stop. I swear at the T.V. and of course blame them for my mistakes. I turn into a three year old child who hasn't learned to share and hates being forced to by others. Most mornings I wake up with a Guitar Hero song stuck in my head. If you have yet to get hip to this groove train I definitely suggest it. But be careful. You've been warned.

Project Runway. I may not have cable but I am able to follow the fierceness via the BravoTV website and talking to co-workers about what I missed. I'm so excited to find out who wins and judging along with the judges about which outfits are the best.

Buying trashy magazines. I'm sorry but if it says Britney and Crazy I'm buying. Nothing makes me feel better about my life then seeing the terrible decline of the princess of pop. And I feel bad for her. I bet if she had known this was going to happen she might not have signed up for the Mickey Mouse Club.

Oregon Humane Society Website. My apartment doesn't allow me to have pets. But I want a dog so bad, so I go to the Oregon Humane Society website and shop dogs that I can't have. It only makes me sad, but I love imaging that I could have one.

Sleeping. Can't get enough of this. Seriously it's almost frightening how much I love it. And as a result...Viso the Portland owned energy drink that is full of vitamins and other goodies. I can't make it through a day without my Viso Vigor. It's packed with 300mg of caffeine. Yes folks, that's approx. 3 cups of coffee. They should contact me to be there spokesperson. My desk at work is littered with them.

That Time of the Month

Portland Center Stage’s

invites you to a concert reading of

All Hail Hurricane Gordo

a new play
by Carly Mensch

February 23, 2008
Noon to approximately 2 pm
@ Portland Center Stage
128 NW Eleventh Avenue (between Couch & Davis)
in the Rehearsal Room

Admission is free, but space is limited
Please email Megan Ward at
to reserve your seat

Two brothers’ tenuous hold on stability gets blown apart when they take in a plucky young houseguest with a secret. While India is running away from her relatively normal family, Chaz struggles to find normalcy in the one he already has. Is it possible to be your brother’s keeper and have your own life, too?

Carly Mensch is currently a fellow at The Juilliard School's Lila Acheson Wallace Playwrights Program and the playwright-in-residence at Ars Nova. All Hail Hurricane Gordo was developed at Ars Nova's Out Loud Series, the Kennedy Center's University Playwrights Festival and Marin Theatre Company. It will premiere at the Humana Festival this March. Other plays include Len, Asleep in Vinyl (Juilliard), The Delicate Business of Boy and Miss Girl (2006 New York International Fringe Festival) and Bradshaw (Lorring Dodd Drama Prize).

Our outstanding cast includes:
Mario Calcagno, Drew Danhorn, Michael O'Connell, and Ana Reiselman

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oops! I Did It Again...

I am so sorry to you my devoted readers (KXS and Dr. Phun) that I have not written a blog posting in forEVER...omg I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Work (which is also bleeding into my social life, but so it goes in theater) has been busy busy and of course I'm not one to slow down.

I totally missed the opportunity to blog about MEASURE FOR PLEASURE by David Grimm, which took place last month on the main stage. The play fit in nicely with our current main stage shows: THE BEARD OF AVON by Amy Freed and TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare, because it was also a contemporary restoration piece and it was a huge hit. People laughed hard and loud. Even though it lasted longer than we anticipated people were loving it.

February 23rd we will be reading ALL HAIL HURRICANE GORDO by Carly Mensch. It will premiering at the Humana Festival March 13-30th. I'm really excited to read this play because I think it will be a change of pace from our other readings. It is a beautifully intimate piece. Carly is someone who I have just discovered and I look forward to finding out more.

We had three opening nights right on top of each other...THE BEARD OF AVON by Amy Freed, directed by Chris Coleman and then the following weekend we had TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare, directed by Jane Jones. Both had wonderful openings and are very popular. I would recommend however, seeing BEARD before TWELFTH NIGHT because I think when you see BEARD first it illuminates things you might not have paid attention to before in TWELFTH NIGHT...but this might just be me. Both are strong solid productions.

Then we had our FADE TO BLACK night, geared at getting younger audiences to the theater, the Tuesday after opening for TWELFTH NIGHT. It was amazing because we played Guitar Hero all night. I'm pretty much obsessed with the game. It's a sick sick addiction and I love it.

A few weeks later we had A FEMININE ENDING opening. This production was a part of co-production with South Coast Rep. I am proud that the production is returning home. As you may or may not know, A FEMININE ENDING by Sarah Treem was part of JAW 2006. It certainly captured the hearts of the audience then and it continues to do so now. I highly recommend seeing this show. And check out more of Sarah's writing on HBO's new night series IN TREATMENT. She writes the script for the character Sophie.

Sarah Treem and Amy Freed both came to PCS. During their time here they were able to host playwriting workshops. I attended both of them and even though I am not a playwright. They were very inspiring and both had different things to say. Sarah's workshop was about finding inspiration and your voice as a playwright. Amy's was more about how to "unstuck" or "unblock" yourself when you get blocked. My respect for playwrights grew immensely after attending these workshops.

I spend my weekends reading JAW scripts, scripts for the reading series, catching up on sleep, seeing shows and grocery shopping for the week. It's pretty pathetic but it's also so me and what I enjoy. Don't worry about me though, because I get my movie and guitar hero time in and keep up on my project runway and Britney gossip. I hope my friends forgive me for the lack of time I spend with them...I do worry about my room...does anyone want to come and clean if for me?

thanks kxs!