Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

I know that song by heart. Back in the Saddle Again by Gene Autry. It reminds me of my dad because it was on the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack that he played on repeat as we drove all over Portland. And an image of my dad playing pool with my friend Ashley's dad comes to mind every time. It's weird how certain things can make you recall the most inane moments.

Well I'm back in the directing saddle again. I am directing FOOL FOR LOVE by Sam Shepard for CoHo productions. It stars Val Landrum, Chris Harder, Spencer Conway, and Tim Stapleton. I am so lucky to work with such fabulous people!

What I love most about this play is Shepard's poetry and the intensity and raw emotion. He says it should be relentless. I couldn't agree more. May says to Eddie, "You're like a disease to me." It is this crazy love that makes you sick but you can't quit even though you know you should. I think we've all been there.