Thursday, July 30, 2009

Build Build Build

I fully admit that I'm not technical. I don't do math or measurements and I don't build because I'm insanely klutzy and could severely harm myself. But I threw caution to the wind and jumped in on the build of THE BULLET ROUND.
Here are some pictures. I'm not in any of them because I was taking the pictures of course, but trust me I was working. My body hates me and I feel like I am 105 and arthritic. Can I get a spa day please!

Chad, our Technical Director inspects his work.

Kim, our SM screws in the casters.

Here, Paul shows Gary how to use a drill. Paul's a fantastic actor who can also build things. What more can a girl ask for?

Adorable. Gary gives it a try!

Where we ended late last night. I'll keep you posted on the rest of the process. We have tech all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I'm actually looking forward to it. I love it when it all comes together.

See you at the theatre!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tonight we dance

Or rather we build the set. Yesterday in the blistering god awful heat, we loaded in the set for THE BULLET ROUND. Tonight we assemble and get all the moving parts together. Did I mention that there is a turntable? Holy F I know! Over the weekend, I took a "break" from my show (really this just means rehearsals) and celebrated the awesomeness that is JAW. People kept asking me how it was going, to which I would reply: "It's going great but I'm ready for the rest of it." And that's all coming together this week! EEEEEEK! But also OMG I wish there were more hours in the day.

Below are some of the awesome finds that I found at the goodwill bins. I did not pick these up however because they are not appropriate for the show. But it make the hunt more enjoyable. I am no longer a bin virgin and next time I'll bring gloves and more sass.

if only I was doing "I am My Own Wife"

look someone just donated their family album. Made me a little sad.

this one is my favorite.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Reals?

Read this.

You're not that shocked are you? You saw Bowling for Columbine. You know this happens. But why is it allowed? An AK-47 no less. Christ almighty.

Recently I spoke to Cease Fire Oregon about hosting a gun turn in during the run of THE BULLET ROUND. Unfortunately, they are unable to do one at the moment due to the decline in donations this year. If you are interested in donating click here.

Also, remember way back when I saw my neighbor waving a gun while inebriated in his backyard...well it's going to trail and I've been subpoena. Awesome. I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping they settle out of court.

On a much much happier note, rehearsals are going well. I love watching the scenes develop and can't wait for load in next week. OMG it's coming up fast!
Do you have your tickets?

Below are pictures of Chris Murray and Paul Glazier rehearsing. They play brothers who fight a lot. It's pretty funny watching them rehearse their scene or while constructively messing around during rehearsals.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Rd. 2

Photo shoot for "The Bullet Round" - Dainichia from Michael Buchino on Vimeo.

More fun from this week's photoshoot! Below are pictures of Dianchia(Jeanette) and Kurt(the waiter). I forgot to take a picture of Anthony. I guess I wasn't awake yet.

Now it's up to Patrick & Michael (the fabulous duo) to make the poster!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bullet Round Photo Shoot

This weekend we had our first photo shoot for THE BULLET ROUND poster. I raided my parents house for costumes. Lava took the pictures and Patrick directed the shoot. He will be photoshopping the images into the poster.
Here is the inspiration:

We first shot Paul, who plays Kevin, Joey's younger brother. Both the boys are from South Boston.

Chris, plays Joey or Joe DieWish an up and coming white rapper. We threw on rap music for inspiration. Here is a sneak peak. This is not the actual picture we used, but look how awesome he looks! I was so amazed by both of their transformations.

When Gary arrived, the music switched to Mozart. Gary plays the professor who studies Joe DieWish's music.

I loved seeing the actors in costumes but I enjoyed watching Patrick and Lava do their thing. I am so grateful for their amazing skills. I can't wait to see the final product.