Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hello World

I have to say that the idea to start a blog never occurred to me or even interested me. I didn't know what I would say and why the world would listen. But I have recently been inspired by the Mr. Mead Hunter a.k.a. Dr. Fun. He has fabulous things to say and I always enjoy reading his thoughts.

Also, I read a gazillion scripts and see a million plays a year and thought this could be a fun way of reporting on them. I hope it will help me to remember things I liked and help me discuss and write about them better. here it goes...


Kristan said...

And here we go! Good for you for starting a blog.

Mead said...

Wunderbar! Welcome to the twilight world of the blogger, MKG. Careful what you say about Roser, though, or she'll photoshop your butt into next week!!!

Thanks to linking to my site, but I have changed the name. It's now MR MEAD'S PUPU PLATTER in honor of my upcoming adventures. But actually I switch out titles promiscuously, so it's not worthing changing it on this here bloggling.

Write more posts now so that Kristan and I can comment sardonically.

the mead