Sunday, September 2, 2007

Female Directors

For our artistic retreat on Tuesday we are asked to talk about our goals personally and professionally. I want to direct. I am planning on directing something later this year in Portland (more to come about this I'm sure).
So I was looking for inspiration from other female directors and I did a google search and didn't find a whole lot. Wiki provides me with a list of directors both in film and theater. Does anyone else know of any other female theatrical directors?
Instead of working on my project I'm blogging about my frustration. Help!
Female directors I know of:

Mary Anne “Buzz” Goodbody (the first women director for the Royal Shakespeare Company)
Joan Littlewood (been considered as an important and influential British theatrical director & founder of Theatre Works)
Lily Susan Todd (Deborah Levy’s play Heresies in a brief Women’s Project within the Royal Shakespeare Company)
Sarah Pia Anderson, Garry Hynes, Di Trevis & Deborah Warner(directors at the Royal Shakespeare Company during the 1988 season. This was so remarkable that their story was published in the New York Times.)

Nancy Meckler (an American who came to fame in Britain)

Sue Parrish (founder of the Women’s Theatre Group now known as The Sphinx)

Sue Pomeroy (founder of Good Company)

Jules Wright (Deputy Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre and a freelance director)

Genista McIntosh (Executive Director of the Royal National Theatre )

Nancy Diuguid ( from the U. S. worked in Britain as a director for theatre, opera & film)

Julia Bardsley (formed dereck, dereck Productions)

Jenny Killick (1985 was named the youngest Artistic Director in Britain and the first women to hold that position)

Annie Castledine (Due to her success in theatre she has gained work in television and became the Producer in Development for BBC television drama and director of Henry IV for BBC television. )

Phyllida Lloyd (member of the advisory committee of the Royal Court Theatre)

Katie Mitchell (Founded Classics on a Shoestring & directs for the National)

Sue Schilperoot & Julie Child (founders of the Women’s Issues Theatre)

Anne Bogart (Founded the SITI company in 1992 & helped to develop Viewpoints)

Julie Taymor (Award winning director of Broadway theatre and film)

As you can probably tell most of these woman are from England. This is because I graduated from University of London. The first photo is of me directing my documentary about how American's perform their Americaness abroad, for my senior thesis.


Kristan said...

Don't forget Ellen Stewart and La MaMa E.T.C. Although she isn't as famous as a director, she is one of the most significant Artistic Directors/Producers of the last half century. Plus she is one brassy Mama.

Between producing some of the most significant Avant-Theater, Avant-Punk and Avant-Fashion in NYC for two decades and providing one of the primary doorways for the invasion of baltic directors, I'd say she qualifies as a pretty amazing female director.

Kristan said...

Sorry, try four decades.