Friday, September 14, 2007

T.B.A. Monday thru Friday-I'm a sexy Robot

After a fabulous weekend I was looking forward to seeing more!

Las Chicas 3.5 Floppies: Fabulous acting. Both of the women were very believable. You felt for them and at the same time you wanted to find a way out for them. I wanted them to make the right choice, but in the end they were replaced by two women just like them. The never ending cycle of poverty and desperation. This story isn't just about two women and their relationship, its about the larger issue and the play does a great job of bring their story to life.

Kassys: Something's rotten in the stage of Denmark-OK...NOT Denmark but that line just comes to mind when I think back to the performance. The characters begin by putting on a play in which Holden has died and they are all grieving together and exhibiting odd behavior, like shredding plants. They play ends and we see behind the scenes and into the actors lives. I could feel their desperate loneliness seep off the screen. But also funny funny!! This is the last time I saw Marc Acito at the festival. We had been following each other from event to event, but this is the last one we were at together.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma
: I want to run away and join your company!! OMG I LOVE THEM! Really amazing well executed, fresh and honest experimental theater. More on this later...check out my next blog when Kristan Seemel and I record our conversation about them.

Teeth: Visually very interesting. The group with "plaque" all over them were the best. They brought a sense of comedy to the piece. I do not recommend seeing this performance if you are easily upset by loud noises and bright flashing lights.

Young Jean Lee: I was excited to see this play because of her review in American Theater magazine. If I ever got in American Theater magazine I would probably pee my pants. And I dunno, but after seeing Jean Lee's Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven, I don't think Jean Lee knows what's she wants to say or how. I found out later that she admits to this in AMT, so I guess it's no secret. She did have some wonderful moments in the script, so I know she has talent and an interesting perspective. I just wish the play had looked a little more rehearsed, but maybe that's the quality she was going for; but if this is the case I don't get it.

Zoe Scofield & Juniper Shuey: Wonderful. Very athletic. The costumes were gorgeous as well. I really enjoyed that all of the dancing was partnered and developed on this theme. Dances were choreographed together and then one or two dancers would break apart and build on the previous choreography. I just think it is so beautiful when people dance in unison. It takes great focus. I would definitely love to see more of their work, which I think is doable because they are a Seattle based company.

And that ended our week...

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