Monday, October 15, 2007

Snow Falling on Cedars

I met up with my friend Lora for breakfast this morning. Lora and I went to Santa Clara together and then the both of us transfered to other schools. It was really nice to catch up with her. After breakfast we walked around and tried to find the theater. It was a really good thing we took the time to search because it was difficult to

Book-It Rep lives in Center House Theatre, which is located right behind the Experience Music Project in Seattle Center. SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS was adapted and directed by Kevin McKeon. The stage had cedar sod on the ground, which when the actors played around in it you could smell it. I love the smell of cedar. It reminds me of my dogs because their doggy beds were full of cedar. The court room was located upstage and just behind the courtroom window you could see the shadows of a cedar forest with snow falling steadily.

I really enjoyed this show. It was 2 ½ hr show but it kept me entertained the entire time. I feel like I have to say that I went into the show having never read the book or seen the movie, so I had no idea where it was going. As you might remember it takes place in a court room, but what was especially lovely is that the person on the stand never just sits there and talks about what happens. Their testimony and back story is played out in front of courtroom. This keeps the story moving and made it worth sitting through. Also it was fun to see our friend Eddie Levi Lee in the cast. He was part of JAW last year in Jason Grote's BOX AMERICANA and in David Adjmi's MARIE ANTOINETTE.

And to my surprise my train left on time and even got in a little early. I got to see the most beautiful sun sets. Unfortunately my camera didn't quite capture them well enough, but you can still tell they were beautiful.

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