Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's All about ME!

Yes. Yes it is. And if you are not hip to that than me and my fabulous bag are going to knock you over. OMG...look at my FABULOUS bag. You could have one like this (only not as fabulous because it's not me...) if you get Gwenn Seemel to make you one. Go to her website (www.gwennseemel.com) and buy one. NOW. Because it doesn't get more designer than this...


Mead said...

Sweetie! SWEE-TEE. You should frame that bag and hang it in your living room! Aren't you afraid to take it out in the four-month-long tempest that is our Portland winter??

By the way: CONGRATULATIONS on a terrific first outing for Now Hear This. The actors were all superb, and I really felt we heard the marvelous (if excoriating) comedy that Adam Rapp wrote. Thing you!

Mead said...

MKGW, you know what the matter with you is? You never respond to the comments on your blog! Which makes it not very motivating to leave any, you know? I suggest you spend your Thanksgiving holiday making amends for this.

In other words:
I am not getting the attention here I so richly deserve!!

Here's wishing you a turkeylicious time,
the mead