Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Writers Strike

So I'm sure you are following the writers strike or know something about it, but in case you are somehow missing this important event in history, here are some videos that I think you really really need to see. Writers are so important and their job is harder than it looks. I truly respect the work they do and believe they should receive appropriate compensation. (And if I was a better writer this would be more interesting to read)
Ok now watch the videos and then visit the official blog of the site and read more...

NOT the Daily Show strikes (And see if you notice Rachel Axler who is a writer for The Daily Show and was one of our Commission! Commission! writers last year. She's awesome.)

The Colbert Report responds

The Anthem of the Strike

Bringing it Home

Same Old Story

And now seriously go to their website or click here to find out more about why and how to should send pencils to the media moguls and watch this last (I swear!) video...

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