Sunday, February 17, 2008


Below are some addictions that I refuse to give up for Lent. Sadly I had to be reminded that Lent was even happening.

I am in love with Guitar Hero. Yes Yes it's true. Even my boyfriend has a hard time pulling me away. I get so into it I can't stop. I swear at the T.V. and of course blame them for my mistakes. I turn into a three year old child who hasn't learned to share and hates being forced to by others. Most mornings I wake up with a Guitar Hero song stuck in my head. If you have yet to get hip to this groove train I definitely suggest it. But be careful. You've been warned.

Project Runway. I may not have cable but I am able to follow the fierceness via the BravoTV website and talking to co-workers about what I missed. I'm so excited to find out who wins and judging along with the judges about which outfits are the best.

Buying trashy magazines. I'm sorry but if it says Britney and Crazy I'm buying. Nothing makes me feel better about my life then seeing the terrible decline of the princess of pop. And I feel bad for her. I bet if she had known this was going to happen she might not have signed up for the Mickey Mouse Club.

Oregon Humane Society Website. My apartment doesn't allow me to have pets. But I want a dog so bad, so I go to the Oregon Humane Society website and shop dogs that I can't have. It only makes me sad, but I love imaging that I could have one.

Sleeping. Can't get enough of this. Seriously it's almost frightening how much I love it. And as a result...Viso the Portland owned energy drink that is full of vitamins and other goodies. I can't make it through a day without my Viso Vigor. It's packed with 300mg of caffeine. Yes folks, that's approx. 3 cups of coffee. They should contact me to be there spokesperson. My desk at work is littered with them.


Mead said...

Wow, what a wonderful word hemmorhage! I had stopped checking up on your blog, it had been so long since the last post....thank you Jesu for a lovely little thing called Google Reader.

Anyhoo: it's nice seeing you ADMITTING to certain addixions, which I hear is the first step toward change. But you left off the most important monkey of all. Most theater folk I know are hopelessly addicted to STRESS. They feed on it. They thrive on it. And guess what? I guess you pass the test, you must be a true theaterphile because you're just as bad as all the rest of us.

Mary Anne and Terry and I are staging a future intervention. We're waiting for a moment when we figure you'll least expect it, so always remember: NEVER RELAX.

Megan said...

Oh didn't Maryann tell you that she's decided to rid her life of stress...

But don't worry I never relax...I'm so good at stressing out that I can stress out about stuff that hasn't even happened yet. That's how advanced I am...beat that!

Mead said...

Not to take anything away from your achievements, but we're all adept at worry about what hasn't happened yet. There's even a word for that: ANXIETY.

Don't tell Maryann I spelled her name wrong! Just thinking about that makes me anxious. Don't!

Megan said...

No I prefer my word but Thank YOU Mr. Director of Literary...Or is it Literary Director...the syntax always throws me...:)

I'm telling Maryann.