Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I will never live in Los Angeles

I moved from L.A. when I was 8 years old. We still have family and friends here and every time we are here we do the whirlwind tour of visiting people and coordinating schedules. The priority in most conversations is about the status of the freeway and the traffic. They talk about it the way Oregonian's talk about the rain. It is something that effects their daily lives and they have to factor sometimes up to an hour or more into their travel time. Easy tasks become difficult because of the traffic. Whatever with that. It may still be cold and rainy in Oregon right now and we may not be able to count on sun until after the Forth of July, but at least the traffic does not hinder us from living our lives. For anyone reading this who does not live in Oregon, don't worry about moving here. We're full and don't need to be like Seattle, a rainy L.A.

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Mead said...

I actually used to get a lot done during my commute: call people back, listen to books on tape, practice Italian conversation, listen to NPR, give myself a manicure, occasionally shave, and once I gave myself an emergency sponge bath using Bounty towelettes (the quicker picker-upper!) and a bottle of Evian. I frequently had breakfast, lunch and/or dinner there, and there when times I wondered if I was going to wind up sleeping there -- yes, traffic was sometimes that slow.

No, I do not miss L.A.