Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People. People.

Let's talk about theater etiquette. This past weekend I saw some shows in Portland and I was amazed at how many people talked, or fell asleep and snored, or had their cell phone go off. KNOCK IT OFF!

Don't talk or whisper to your neighbor, we can hear you. And even if we can't totally hear you, we are distracted by what we can hear but cannot quite make out. It's not o.k., people are working and creating art right in front of you, by all means enjoy yourself, but don't be distracting to the performers or the other audience members. It's rude. Turn off your cell phone. Don't even text, you think you're being sneaky but the light from your screen is so bright in our dark theaters. Don't fall asleep, have some caffeine before you enter the theater. Or have your friend next to you wake you up if you start snoring. And please dear god do not do not get up to go the bathroom. Most of the performing spaces in Portland are small and exiting the audience space is awkward, but even in a house as big as PCS, the actors can see you and hear you more than you think. And other audience member get taken out of the play because they are watching you exit and then come back in. Now if it's an emergency, then fine. But seriously, most of us need to learn to use the toilet before getting into the car...I mean theater.

O.K. that's my little rant. Now you know. Don't do it anymore.

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nico said...

agreed! the texting really floors me... and it is the brightest light in the world, at that moment, too.