Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reading Reading Reading

That's all I do these days. And it will be like this until July. And then it will start all over in August. I'm sure I'm going to need glasses soon.
What is really sick about all this is...I like it. It's Saturday night and I'm 20something and instead of boozing it up on the town (which I know how to do very well thank you.) I'm in my sweats reading. READING! It never ends. And I just cannot turn off. I go from work to home where I work some more. The only thing that slows me down is feeding myself and my dog. The dog I can break for, but me no. I hate cooking and I lost my chef in August to grad school.'s back to salads with hard boiled eggs and veggie patties. Sometimes I get inspired, but mainly it's about making the hunger go away so I can get back to reading damn it!

What are you reading Megan?
So glad you asked. I'm reading:
  • scripts for CoHo Fresh Northwest New Works Competition
  • Fool for Love by Sam Shepard (because I'm hoping to direct that with Val Landrum and Chris Harder)

but you know. that's it. I think.

you should read this


Mead said...

Um -- I think the fact that you're reading for Fresh Works is supposed to be TOP SECRET.

But oh well.

Plus you forgot to add Blogorrhea, now with its exciting new look, to your list of must-reads.

Question: why do I hold the penultimate spot in your blogroll, after Chris Coleman? I thought we had an understanding.

But enough about me.

Huh, can't think of anything else to say.

Chris said...

I love reading, I have cases of comic books to prove it!

Anonymous said...

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