Friday, October 9, 2009


So clearly I've been a HUGE slacker in updating everyone...opps. Please forgive me. Above is a picture of set model. Designed by the one and only Tim Stapleton. As you can see I took away the walls. For many reasons, but mostly because I feel like Eddie and May are trapped in this cycle. I think of that science experiment about the fleas. If you put some fleas in a jar they will jump to get out and hit the top. After a while they learn that they can only go so far. Then when you remove the lid. When they go to jump again they only jump as far as they did when the lid was on.

When reading the script, I became fascinated with May's need to hide in the bathroom. I wanted to see her in her safe place and see the vulnerable side of May. I wanted to see her in all of her shit. So with this in mind I took the walls off the bathroom too.

Another thing I did was move the Old Man from the platform outside the playing area (something Shepard requests in the script) and moved him inside. He's connected to May and Eddie and he's the reason they are this way. So it seemed important to take him out of the audience and put him in the space.

And to top it all off we have Annalise Albright on sound (who will now be responsible for making the walls and door reverberate) and Don Crossley on lights. I am in good technical hands.

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