Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday~Rain Rain go away

This picture is of the most famous bakery in Antwerp, which is just two doors down from Margot's apartment.

Today was Samantha's last day. The internet was still not set up, so Margot took my computer to the coffee shop to finish it. Samantha packed and we had breakfast while the Roolants ran errands. Upon Margot's return we went out to coffee and Belgian waffles (the thin kind) and then took Sam to the Metro. It was hard to say goodbye but I knew I would see her soon. She has plans to come DJ in L.A. so we'll meet up some way or another.

Today Margot and I spent the entire day inside because it was raining so bad. She had to set up the internet and her dad put up lights (I helped) and her mom used Margot's birthday vacuum cleaner to clean the apartment. I worked on the play I want to direct when I get back and blew my nose every ten minutes. At least it's coming out!

Margot speaks more and more in Flemish, which makes sense, but she is also forgetting some English words. She did this in London but it's more apparent now.

Flemish words I know:

ashtray: Asbak

Thank You: Dank u Well

Please: Alstublieft (sounds like ashubleef)

Water: water (sounds like waater)

Right: rechts

Left: links

Beautiful: mooi (sounds like moy)

mini vacuum: kruimel dief (sounds like cremel deef)

sleep: slaap

cozy, atmosphere: gezellig (sounds like he-zellick)

what's up: hoe is het (slang: hoe ist? Sounds like Whoe-ist)

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Jeffrey G. said...

This is exactly the same as Afrikaans, I could so live there.