Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Amsterdam! or so was the plan until I woke up with a sore throat and could hardly swallow. Then Samantha got up and didn't feel like going. She wanted to take it easy, so we had a Roolant breakfast for hours and looked at pictures and talked. Then we finally got our act together and showered for the day, which it was now 1pm. I felt weak and tired but had to do something since I wasn't going to Amsterdam.

We went to an internet cafe since Margot wanted to download something for work and Samantha wanted proper coffee. When you go to a proper shop it is good and very frothy. I had taken a sudafed and some cough drops before we went and that combined with the coffee made me hyper but also so spacey and high. At least it kept me up for the conversation. I started to feel weak and Margot had to walk back for the internet man and to write her directing proposal. Sam decided to walk around and look at the shops.

I came home and passed out. I woke up at ten to six to Margot freaking out. She had to write her proposal in Flemish. And although she spoke Flemish in her home growing up, she went to school in English and therefore she was not sure her writing is good. Her dad was trying to proof read it but she needed to get the boss by 6pm and she had left it until late. And the internet man didn't actually set up anything and told her that there was no signal and it would be working tomorrow after she set it up herself. I remember this problem in England too. They just come to check that the line is working and then send a signal to it. Meanwhile, she couldn't go to an internet cafe to send it because they had all shut. Luckily her boss said she could send it tomorrow morning. Sleeping was so helpful but my throat still killed.

The Roolants took Samantha and me out to an amazing dinner down by the water. As usual, I had a hard time deciding. Despite my illness, I felt like oysters. I got lamb for a main course but couldn't finish it all so I asked for it to take away. The waitress looked confused and shocked. Hours later after dessert (I asked for a hot toddy, which no one knew the Flemish equivalent so we had to describe the ingredients. Don't worry they got it right), the waitress brought back my lamb in a little plastic tuber ware container. It looked like she had to clean out one they in the kitchen. It was embarrassing because I guess you don't ask for a doggie bag. opps! The bathroom at the restaurant was amazing! When you flushed the seat rotated so it could be cleaned. It was amazing!

When we got home, Margot, Samantha and I made a huge bed on the floor in the living room, watched a movie and fell asleep.

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