Sunday, March 1, 2009

Megan is

That damn box at the top of my facebook page constantly harasses me. I spend most of my day thinking. Megan is tired. Megan is brushing her teeth. Megan wonders why she thinks in third person all the time. Megan feels like it asks me to share too much.

I can't get that little voice out of my head. It's become this nervous tick. I've never checked in with myself so much before. And not that I am the sort of person who is so out of touch with my feelings. I am very aware and sometimes too sensitive to my feelings. But now facebook has stepped my game up a notch. Thanks facebook for being my pocket psychiatrist and always asking how I'm doing and how things make me feel.

I may think of many witty things to say and to post on my facebook page, but I don't always put them down. Most are probably not appropriate or if I said what I really was thinking...whoa. I could...well you know, somethings are better left unsaid. Fact. But god bless facebook for trying to make me spill my guts.

And so I may not know anything about twitter (in fact I'm kinda frightened of it) but to me it sounds like a blog that is just a facebook status update you really want to know all that much? And how healthy is constantly thinking of yourself in third person? Seriously, does someone know the answer? Does anyone else do this? Is anyone listening to me or is it just the voices in my head?

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Audra said...

I'm listening, and I'm with you, but I don't have the answer, and I don't intend to Twitter either.

Audra is...thinking of Megan :-)