Monday, March 30, 2009

There goes the neighborhood

As some of you know, or are finding out right this second...I have been let go, laid off, downsized (whatever. it's all the same to me) from Portland Center Stage. That's not even the worst part. There is currently no literary department at PCS. If you don't know that means the fabulous Mead Hunter (aka Dr. Phun) has also been cut. As much as this saddens me, to leave the only LORT theater in Portland, OR. I must realize that with every door closed another one opens.

I started there as an intern in 2005 back in the "Old Country," which refers to the good old days in the PCPA. I had an interview with Kelsey and Chris at the Coffee People over there, which also is no more, where they basically said, "well yeah we would love the help, but we don't know where to put you." When my mom asked me how it went, I told her I didn't think they liked me and I don't think they want me. Turns out I was wrong! And the internship began.

Because Kelsey gets to work at some ungodly hour I could come in at 3 or 4 and use his computer after he had left to go to Shaboom (where he would sing on a cruise ship or whatever). So quickly I became close with Rose Riordan because she sat across from Kelsey and stayed later than most people. When I left Kelsey and Rose gave me a cup full of chocolates (no doubt stolen from the cupbord and stuffed with candies from Lisa Sanman's desk from when she used to bring in treats). They even made a card, that I hung on my wall my last year in college. It read: "Hey You, what's your face, Kathy... you're going to miss us so much!" And it's true. I will miss them all very much, especially the family like love and bickering.

I don't know how, because Rose is really bad with names--and fully aware of this, but somehow she remebered me and asked me to come back and interview for the company manger position. I didn't get it and we both knew it wasn't really for me anyway. Luckly, JAW/West was coming up and I worked alongside the new company manger, then Dawn Young, now Dawn Sorgnard. Dawn and I quickly became close as we nagivated the round waters that is JAW/West (now know as JAW). It was at JAW where I suddenly took notice of this boy: Kristan. I guess I was so distracted by whatever else that I didn't even notice he had a girls name.

At the end of JAW I came out with two things: a job and a boyfriend. I nearly shat myself: I have a job in the theater! Everyone said that that doesn't happen. But it did to me. I was the Artistic/Literary Assitant for almost four years. While in the position, I assisted Mead with literary things, and Rose with artistic/casting things, even assistant directed and dramaturged on three shows, child wrangled, read a ton of plays for JAW and for the season, hunted for scripts for Chris, and started a monthly reading series. So much has changed since I got there and I'm sure more will change in my absence. I am amazed at what I've learned and what this all means to me. I am very blessed to have had the experience and the support I had while at PCS and I'm excited for my next adventure.

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Mead said...

I never heard that account before about meeting Kelsey and Chris at Coffee People! High-larious. I'm sorry that it's all done too soon.

Meanwhile, we've been mentioned on both followspot and Blogtown. We're famous! Hey, this is almost fun.

Don't forget you promised to share your NYC adventures with me soon -- which means prior to their appearing on this blog!

MattyZ said...

Megan - you have been so wonderful at PCS. And I am so very sorry for what has happened. Your forward thinking attitude is to be admired. Best wishes on everything - big hugs and kisses.


Jessy said...

Wifey...what will I do without you? I guess you will just have to throw more burrito parties at your house. I mean, we do live like 5 blocks away from each other.

Jason Grote said...

So sorry and angry to hear about this! But drop me a line if you wind up in NY.

Oscar Wilde Glee Club said...

What class under fire. You're not British by any chance are you?

Brian Peterson said...


Even though I have just begun to getting the ins and outs of megan - this saddens me. I was hopeing to chat with u - invite you to more show. =( Are you leaving portland? I hope not - pcs wont be the same.