Monday, April 13, 2009

Desperate times... for desperate measures.
But has it come to this? There is a website for finding a sugar daddy. Some of men pay up to $20,000 a month! humm...
yeah right. As much as it would be nice to have that money (think of all the theater I could fund!) just the idea of it makes my skin crawl.


Mead said...

Oh my darling, there are many such sites. Well, I know of more than one, which has got to be only the tip of the....well, let's not develop that metaphor, k?

A friend of mine dallied for a while on a similar site, where all the male members [shudder] had to have six figure salaries. The weird thing, according to my friend? She said every man she met through the site was paranoid about women being after them for their money! In every case she would ask her date what he expected, and he'd act either huffy or hurt.

Which proves once again that whatever society says about the sexes, the reverse is true. In the above case, the women were the pragmatists and the men were the "romantics."

You know, Megan...there's still time for us to enroll in court reporting school together.

Anonymous said...

There are even more websites out there like that - even for gay men. Lord have mercy! The list I could give you. lol.

However, that would be a great deal of a fund to give to local theater.


I'm tempted...

But then I realize that that is just too much work..

:-) Brian