Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Work is here to stay

Let me answer the question that is on ALL your minds...Yes. JAW is happening.

Just because PCS doesn't have a literary department doesn't mean that JAW is now dead too.
Au contraire mon frere. New work is still alive and well in Portland, OR.

IN FACT, Did you know that coming to Theater! Theater! this August, 7th will the be world premiere of Steven Drukman's THE BULLET ROUND. Who's excited?! I am! (mainly because I am producing and directing this little number) but also because HOW EXCITING for us Portland!

New work is all around. We have some amazing playwrights living right here creating some very exciting work, there is JAW, Fertile Ground, PCS' CRAZY ENOUGH, Third Rail's Craig Wright commission and now a world premiere of THE BULLET ROUND (and I'm sure many many more I have failed to mention & I apologize in advance for this...)

So don't loose hope PDX because after all we are pioneers.

1 comment:

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