Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How you DO the Drammys

Hire Gary Norman (of London Influence 503-295-0342) to do your hair (actually you should hire him to do your hair all year long. I do.) This year he was responsible for styling Amanda Soden, Amy Newman, Heather Rose Walters, Nicole Gladwin and my hair. And then get Janet Price to do your make up. And that's it. My secret is out.
Here is how he did it:
This is us getting started at 1:30pm. That is Rebecca, we couldn't have done it without her.

This is at 3:30 after all the pins were in. They wrapped my hair around the pins and then flat ironed it. I have a lot of hair. Sorry!?
Side view
And then when they take all the pins out it looks like this. Which is cool in it's own right.
And then Gary pulls on one and it frizzes.
the final product

But the artist is never satisfied. Gary changed the look again for the after party.

I was curious how it would turn out after sleeping on it all night. And to my surprise it didn't really flatten at all. So I had the challenge of trying to style it appropriately for a real estate office. I don't have Gary's skills.
And when you take the bobby pins out when you leave for work you get this:
The question now is: How long do I leave it? How long will it last? I feel like I should wash it because I scared some of the agents at the office. They didn't recognize me & it's bold look for them.
oh well. I rocked it!
Thanks Gary, Rebecca & Janet for making me look so beautiful. And thank you Maureen Porter for the shout out.
I wonder what Gary will come up with next year...


KimiKate said...

DON'T WASH IT YET!! Let's see how long it lasts

Jessy said...

Definately rock it as long as you can. I LOVE it and think you look fabulous!

Mead said...

Do you realize that for sheer glamour quotient, you held your own with STORM??? Together you guys graced with ceremony with class and KULCHUR. I mean, she exited the stage asking you where you got your do done!!

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