Monday, June 8, 2009


This whole weekend has been full of theater events. On Friday night, Kristan and I with 10 other friends went to see season 5 of Fall of the House. If you aren't hip to this groove train you are seriously disturbed. If you do one good thing for yourself this weekend GO SEE THIS SHOW and I bet you'll be going back for more. And a word to the wise: make reservations.

Then on Saturday & Sunday, I rehearsed a most fabulous play entitled: COOKING WITH ELVIS by Lee Hall, you know the same guy who wrote BILLY ELLIOT. I'm working with the kids at Third Rail as part of their lab series were we get to play around. All I have to say is this one has Tim True playing a quadriplegic Elvis impersonator. Need I say more?

Last night I went to Anonymous Theatre's The Scottish Play and I am still so totally impressed. If I told you that a cast who had never rehearsed together, never rehearsed in the space, and didn't know who else was in the cast, was doing...well, you know, wouldn't you think they were insane & don't you think that the show would be an entire train wreck?! But no. NO! Not under the direction of Liz Young. It was one of the BEST productions of Mackers I have ever seen. Big BIG surprise: Scott Coopwood as the man himself. He wasn't even in town!

Both on Friday and Sunday night I was so SO deeply moved by the audiences. I found myself watching them, not because I was bored with what was going on the stage (that couldn't be further from the truth), but because I was amazed at how tuned in they were. It is so invigorating to be in an audience with people who are excited to be there & sold out the house! WHOOHOO!

I need a fundraiser like Theatre Vertigo's! (p.s. have you checked out their awesome season? Buy a subscription for $40!) Speaking of fundraising, THE BULLET ROUND website has a donation link now. I'm just saying: support the arts!

See you all at the Drammys tonight! Look out for my GIANT hair (designed by Gary Norman)

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Eliz said...

Ah seriously, FOTH was HI-larious. So sad I'm missing this week's episode. Thanks ever so much for introducing it to me!