Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tonight we dance

Or rather we build the set. Yesterday in the blistering god awful heat, we loaded in the set for THE BULLET ROUND. Tonight we assemble and get all the moving parts together. Did I mention that there is a turntable? Holy F I know! Over the weekend, I took a "break" from my show (really this just means rehearsals) and celebrated the awesomeness that is JAW. People kept asking me how it was going, to which I would reply: "It's going great but I'm ready for the rest of it." And that's all coming together this week! EEEEEEK! But also OMG I wish there were more hours in the day.

Below are some of the awesome finds that I found at the goodwill bins. I did not pick these up however because they are not appropriate for the show. But it make the hunt more enjoyable. I am no longer a bin virgin and next time I'll bring gloves and more sass.

if only I was doing "I am My Own Wife"

look someone just donated their family album. Made me a little sad.

this one is my favorite.

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