Friday, September 21, 2007

Arriving in Belgium

Today I got up at 6:00am (omg way WAY too early for me!!) and traveled to see my bestest friend Margot for her birthday. We went to uni together in London and during that time we were pretty much inseparable. We could communicate without even finishing our sentences. Full conversations could go on with just "umm, know that thing" "Yeah totally, didn't like that". A Super girl skill that only happens between the best of friends. She just moved to Antwerp, Belgium to work. Although she is Belgian she spent her whole life in Thailand. She has a whole slew of International friends and I love meeting them because they are all always down for whatever and super friendly and open-minded. Today I met Louise, at the airport (she's from Sweden but like Margot has been all over and now has returned to her "country") and Marie (from Ghana and ALL over who now lives in Paris) and tomorrow for her actual b-day party I will meet tonnes more! It is so fun to get together with a group of girls and go out for dinner and drinks. And that is pretty much what we've done all day. And I'm so lucky that I can come back to Europe and see Margot.

Oh P.S. The blog page is all in Flemish which sometimes makes it difficult...

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Mead said...

I miss you, MGKW! Hurry back soon, but not before you've posted more fun updates. I live vicariously through you.