Sunday, September 23, 2007

Margot's Birthday Party

Whoa What a night! I slept until 4pm and then some of her friends picked us up and took us to Knokke. Knokke is the prettiest and most expensive beach town in Belgium. Margot's family has a house here where she used to come every summer. When we got to Knokke (an hour and a half car ride from Antwerp) we got dressed for her bling bling birthday party. Her mom and dad were in the kitchen preparing the food. They had only arrived the day before from Thailand and they were already put to work. It was so nice to see them again.
Then we all had drinks outside until we were good and sauced. Dinner was served much later (European style) but of course I still have no concept of time. I'm just glad I'm up and hungry at the correct time. Dinner was amazing! Better than any restaurant. There was beef and chicken and salad and grilled mushrooms and som tum (spicy Thai mango salad)...all amazing. Then there was dancing in the living room and cake later! Chocolate Raspberry deliciousness. Such a fun fun night. We stayed up until 5am, which doesn't mean anything to me because I am on some in between time. I'm so excited I'm up and not tired.
I'm picking up some Flemish and trying to use what little French I know. People have said that my accent is pretty good in both...yeah!! I know most of Margot's Belgian friends from a couple of summers ago and the new ones I meet are so much fun and I love them immediately. Marie went back to France and Louise went back to Sweden, but I know that if I'm in either country I'll have a friend to see. I'm falling in love with Europe!

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