Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday~Leaving Knokke

Margot had to get up early and go to a meeting at work in Gent. Samantha and I woke up late and had a lovely Roolant breakfast and then took the train to Antwerp. On the long train ride we were able to catch up. It was so lovely just chatting with Sam. We phoned Sam Man, who was unable to come to Belgium and the last minute. Awww I miss him and that bastard made me cry on the phone. Totally breaks my heart that I wasn't able to see him. Aaron also called because he is recording some stuff for Samantha and we were able to talk as well. I was sad when he couldn't come either.

When we arrived in Antwerp, Sam and I went shopping. We spent a lot of time at H&M and Sam helped me pick out a cute outfit. When I first came to London I had no, and I'm talking NO sense of style. The more time I spend in America the more I loose of the sense of style I picked up while in London. I miss Europe fashion, however this new rave fashion is all the rage. I'm not a fan. All the shops shut at 6pm, so Sam and I went to get a latte (which really means a shot of espresso and you can add your own milk and sugar) before meeting up with Margot at the apartment.

Margot has a work internship where they have just asked her to direct a commercial for a restaurant. Their tag line is "Animals would kill to get in here." Kinda funny kinda freaky. When she first described it I thought it was for the preservation of animals not about cooking them! She has to film and edit it. It is so exciting and a really big break for her. However, she is soo stressed out because she has to learn more about animation editing. But I have faith. She'll be great!
A dinner we trashed talked about life, uni, and friends (past & present). I miss friends like this. Friends who saw you grow up.

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