Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Writers Strike

So I'm sure you are following the writers strike or know something about it, but in case you are somehow missing this important event in history, here are some videos that I think you really really need to see. Writers are so important and their job is harder than it looks. I truly respect the work they do and believe they should receive appropriate compensation. (And if I was a better writer this would be more interesting to read)
Ok now watch the videos and then visit the official blog of the site and read more...

NOT the Daily Show strikes (And see if you notice Rachel Axler who is a writer for The Daily Show and was one of our Commission! Commission! writers last year. She's awesome.)

The Colbert Report responds

The Anthem of the Strike

Bringing it Home

Same Old Story

And now seriously go to their website or click here to find out more about why and how to should send pencils to the media moguls and watch this last (I swear!) video...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Domesticity sets in

For those of you that know me, know that I can't cook or bake. Being in a kitchen too long stresses me out and if I can't make a meal in 30mins or less I rather go out. However, something has been happening lately. I'm making an effort in the kitchen. I started looking up recipes on Williams-Sonoma and then my boyfriend sent me a link to a blog that teaches you how to make bread from scratch. Now I am crazy in the kitchen.
Making bread from scratch really is easier than you think, but it does take a long time. But seriously check out my skills...and if I can do this, than so can you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's All about ME!

Yes. Yes it is. And if you are not hip to that than me and my fabulous bag are going to knock you over. OMG...look at my FABULOUS bag. You could have one like this (only not as fabulous because it's not me...) if you get Gwenn Seemel to make you one. Go to her website ( and buy one. NOW. Because it doesn't get more designer than this...


This Saturday (November 17th) at 12 noon I will be producing my very first reading in our brand new reading series: NOW HEAR THIS at Portland Center Stage. This is something we have been looking forward to because it is allows us to try out scripts that we might be interested in for upcoming seasons and to get some audience feedback. Also it just feels good to share all the wonderful scripts we read with the community. So many benefits so little time!!

If you are in the pearl on Saturday, (please consider this a personal invitation as a subscriber of my blog) come check out BINGO WITH THE INDIANS by Adam Rapp. He is an amazing playwright and I think more people in Portland need to be familiar with his wonderful work. He is currently directing this script in New York at the Flea Theater. If you are in NY you should go check it out, but come see the reading first!

More info below:


Portland Center Stage's monthly reading series
invites you to a concert reading of


A play by Adam Rapp


November 17, 2007
Noon to approximately 2 pm

@ Portland Center Stage
128 NW Eleventh Avenue (between Couch & Davis)

Admission is free, but space is very limited, so reservations are vital -- please call Megan Ward at (503) 445-3845 or e-mail to reserve your seat.


Bingo with the Indians is about Wilson, Dee and Stash, a trio of desperate downtown theater geeks who travel to an upstate rural community with the aim of knocking over a bingo parlor. In this way they plan to fund their next black box show, but the cooler-than-thou thespians don’t reckon on the local yokels: terminally teen-aged Steve, his raving sapphist girlfriend, and his checked-out mom.

This play is a rarity among Rapp’s scripts in that it is an out-and-out comedy, but it has all the razor-sharp insight of the bleaker plays for which he is better known, such as Red Light Winter, Blackbird and Nocturne.

Our outstanding cast includes:

PLEASE READ THIS: Bingo with the Indians refers to sexual
situations some may consider unsavory, and it contains language that will make your hair stand on end. Do not bring the kids.

Child Wrangling

Yes. This is a real term. All LORT theaters are required to have a "young actor monitor" or a "child wrangler" present whenever children are in a show. I was the child wrangler for PILLOWMAN, FENCES and in JAW last year. Each time it was for one or two children, but now for CHRISTMAS CAROL there are five kids. All the kids are wonderful and professional, but there are still more of them than there is of me.
My responsibilities include but are not limited to: helping with homework, taking them to get lunch, meeting them when they arrive at the theater and staying with them until their parents pick them up, taking notes, playing hide and go seek, making everyone happy, getting them to their costume fittings, and most importantly making sure they know what they are being asked to by the director.
Because I am also the Artistic/Literary Assistant, taking on child wrangling means working seven days a week and when the show goes into tech and performance my days get long, long, long. So another woman will be taking over for me starting this week. Although, this should make me happy, I am sad that I will not be seeing the kids everyday. I know so much about them and really care about them. It can be really tiring running after five children, but it is always a joy to see them and hang out with them. They make me laugh. I will miss them, but I'm sure I'll see them around real soon.